As you browse through our local church website I hope you will be blessed and your heart will resonate with agreement at what you read and see about this local Church. We are committed to being obedient to what the Bible teaches. We want to uphold God’s Word as our final authority in what we preach and teach but, importantly, also in how we live.

If you are attempting to be a bible committed disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ you will be encouraged as you look through our church activities, pictures and read about who, why and what we are. God is at work amongst us and we are privileged to know and love Him Who first loved us and demonstrated that in giving up His Son for us.

At Disciples Community Church we understand that the ecclesia is made up of those “called and chosen” by God to live holy and blameless before Him. We make no excuse to take into signed up membership only those who are truly saved and assured of being saved from God’s wrath on the basis of the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary. Everything we do is to present each one mature in Christ.

I invite you to visit us and see for yourself. Our local church is for those who are passionate about loving Jesus Christ, His Word and His Church. You will grow to love and serve Christ.

Chris Williams